SRT -Situation Reaction Test  For SSB Preparation

SRT -Situation Reaction Test  For SSB Preparation

here are 50 common Situation Reaction Tests (SRTs) often used for Services Selection Boards (SSBs) and similar evaluation scenarios. These scenarios involve presenting candidates with unexpected or challenging situations and asking them to react. The candidate’s responses are used to evaluate their personality traits, leadership qualities, decision-making abilities, and other important skills.

Please note that the situations listed here are not necessarily “most common” – the exact scenarios may vary widely from one SSB to another – but these are representative of the types of scenarios you might expect.

1. While walking alone in a forest, you come across a large, angry bear. What do you do?

2. A peer is spreading harmful rumors about you. How do you react?

3. During an important exam, you notice someone cheating. What is your reaction?

4. You witness a car accident in front of you. How do you respond?

5. You are stuck in an elevator with strangers. How do you handle the situation?

6. Your group project member is not contributing their share. What is your course of action?

7. A fire breaks out in your building while you’re on the top floor. What will you do?

8. You find a wallet on the road filled with money and ID cards. How do you react?

9. You see a child crying in a mall, apparently lost. How do you help?

10. Your best friend betrays your trust. How do you handle this?

11. Your team leader at work is not performing his duties properly. How do you respond?

12. You are on a boat that starts to sink. What steps do you take?

13. You see someone being bullied. What do you do?

14. During a hike, your friend falls and injures his leg. What will you do?

15. Your colleague takes credit for your work in front of the boss. What is your reaction?

16. You get lost in a foreign city without any local currency or a smartphone. What do you do?

17. You come across a snake in your backyard. How do you react?

18. You’re on a bus and an old woman enters, but there are no free seats. What is your response?

19. You witness a shoplifting incident while shopping. What is your course of action?

20. You receive a text from an unknown number threatening you. How do you react?

21. Your manager is giving you more work than you can handle. How do you respond?

22. You receive a job offer from another company while you are quite happy with your current job. What do you do?

23. Your neighbor’s loud music is preventing you from studying for an exam. What’s your reaction?

24. You accidentally spill coffee on a stranger. How do you react?

25. You find out that the team you are managing is hiding information from you. How do you respond?

26. You’re in a foreign country and unknowingly break a local custom. What do you do?

27. A member of your team is constantly late for meetings. How do you address this?

28. Your car breaks down in the middle of a deserted road. What’s your course of action?

29. You see a man struggling to carry his groceries. How do you respond?

30. During a public speech, you forget what to say. How do you recover?

31. Your parents are not supportive of your career choice. How do you handle this situation?

32. You find a homeless person sleeping near your house during winter. How do you react?

33. You discover that your romantic partner has been lying to you. What is your response?

34. You get stuck in heavy rain without an umbrella. What do you do?

35. You have a critical project deadline, but you fall ill. How do you manage the situation?

36. Your boss has given incorrect information during a client meeting. How do you handle this?

37. You find a dog tied up in the sun without water. What do you do?

38. You have been wrongly accused of a mistake at work. How do you clear your name?

39. You notice a mistake in your boss’s presentation. How do you point it out?

40. You have a conflict of interest in a decision you need to make at work. How do you manage?

41. You see a child trying to reach a high shelf and about to fall. What do you do?

42. Your brother borrowed your favorite book and lost it. What is your reaction?

43. You’re hiking and see a person in the distance who appears to be injured. What do you do?

44. Your flight gets delayed and you have an important meeting the next day. How do you handle the situation?

45. You’re leading a team project but one member isn’t getting along with the rest. How do you resolve this?

46. You see a young person teasing an elderly person. What is your course of action?

47. You’re given a task at work that you don’t feel competent to handle. How do you respond?

48. During a group discussion, your point is constantly being ignored. What do you do?

49. A friend borrows money and is late repaying it. How do you handle this?

50. You have been offered a promotion that requires moving to a new city. What do you decide?

Remember, there are no universally “right” or “wrong” answers to these scenarios. The evaluators are more interested in understanding your thought process, decision-making skills, and personality traits.